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Sunday, April 2…

29 Apr

Sunday, April 29:

WordPress changed the editing format since I last posted, so I had a hard time finding out how to add to this blog; I think (I hope!) I have it figured out.

You should see my Shop now that my dog is the official Bloomingtails Dog Duds model!  She is gracing all but eleven of my listing pages.  Today I will start sewing items in her size – Small.  Right now I only have the XSmall size in those items, since I’ve been offering them as samples for custom orders (also available for immediate purchase).

The new photos are a distinct improvement over the old ones.  For one thing, the model is a live dog, which will give shoppers a better idea of how their dogs would look in the clothes, and two, the colors “pop” and images are crisper.

The striped fleece coat now has ten Favorites!

I have to close for now.  Have a wonderful day!


Bloomingtails Dog Duds

12 Apr

Here’s the link to my toy breed dog apparel Shop:

In March of 2000 I acquired a black Pomeranian, Dominique, which I thankfully still have (she’ll be 13 September 17), and I bought her first outfit, a little red plaid jumpsuit.  Unlike some dogs, Dom the Pom took to it like a fish takes to water, strutting her stuff in it.  I’ve always enjoyed sewing and creative work, so I started designing and making outfits for her.

For a party I had for her I made a deep turquoise evening gown out of a gorgeous deep turquoise Thai silk.  Each of the eight guests raved about it, so I started making more clothes for her.  Soon friends urged me to start selling dog apparel, telling me how chic and well-made her Pommie Mommie-made outfits were, so in 2002 and ’03 I auctioned dog clothes on eBay.  Did it take off, and I received positive Feedback for everything I sold including my custom work.

Some things came up so I had to close shop, and I was inactive until December 25, 2011, when I opened my Etsy Shop.  Just eight days later an order materialized, and I’ve been adding more and more to my inventory ever since.  As of now,  9 a.m.April 12, I have 49 items.  Do check it out, and have a wonderful day!

Saturday, April 14 – My Shop now has 50 items!  Since my present slant is partly toward the market in Australia, where winter is about to start, and in areas where nights can be cool, yesterday evening I listed a pair of flannel one-piece dog pajamas that look like a separate top and pants.  What’s fun about these PJs is that the print on the top part is inspired by the bestselling children’s book, The Poky Little Puppy.  A turquoise diamond pattern encloses the poky little puppy, frogs, dog bones, balls, dragonflies, strawberries and snails on a cream background. The pants are of a complementary turquoise, white and black vertical stripe.  The female dogs’ version with deep pink instead of turquoise is coming soon.

Another exciting thing that happened yesterday was that two items had Favorites put on them: the Blue Plaid fleece coat, which now has four Favorites, and, for the first time, a black and white gingham dog dress with red and white ruffle, ribbon and heart trim, which I listed April 11.

That’s all for now.  Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 18:

Today someone put a Favorite for the first time on a dress, the Summer Dog Dress – Romantic Baby Blue with Lace, and Sky Blue, Crimson, white andCinnamon.  The bodice has three vertical rows of white lace with blue and yellow embroidery, and the softly gathered skirt has a large print of realistic crimson roses on a sky blue background, giving the garment a romantic, Victorian appearance.  The number of items that have at least one Favorite is now thirty – over half of the total of 51 items!

This afternoon I finished another dress, a flannel one of the same print and stripe as the Poky Little Puppy pajamas.  Since it’s for female toy breed dogs, I couldn’t resist turning out a dress (or nightie, if yiu prefer).  For the last two days the right-click button on my laptop hasn’t worked, and I need use of it to import photos to my computer, so I’ll be calling a support technician in a while to try to figure out how to use an alternate method, which so far hasn’t worked.  Sooner or later – hopefully sooner, meaning by noon tomorrow – I’ll list it.  The permanent solution to the problem – a new computer – will be delivered in five-seven days.  I can hardly wait!

Signing off for now.  Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, April 21:

Three more items have been Favorite’d for the first time –  the flannel dress with the Poky Little Puppy print (Favorite’d within an hour after I listed it), a polyester/cotton dress in a sky blue, golden yellow, mocha and white floral print with a horizontal band of white ribbon at the “waist” and a blue and white checked cotton flower at the center back, and a fleece NASCAR coat, bearing a print of multicolored race cars on a forest green background.  At the front of the coat is a vertical row of buttons that look like cars.  

I have exciting plans for the coming week.  The existing photos, which have the unflattering black vinyl mannequin and potted tree, will be replaced by some appealing ones of Dominique modeling my items on a lawn.  Who can resist purchasing something modeled by a live dog?  They’ll not only grace my Shop, but what’s even more exciting is that you’ll get to meet Dom the Pom here, as I’ll be posting them on this blog!  I’m really excited about the coming changes!

By for now.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 23:

This afternoon the new computer was delivered, and my plans to start retaking photos was sabotaged by my having had to spend a lot of time on the phone with the manufacturer’s tech support rep in what turned out to  be a futile attempt to figure vout why I was unable to connect the monitor to its base.  We finally discovered that the arm needed to connect them was missing from the boxes, as were the speakers.  I’ll thankfully have them within the next few days.  The monitor is stable enough for now without the base hooked up, so the support rep will go ahead and install the software over the phone tomorrow.  They,ve been fantastic! 

I hope to be able to shoot the photos of Dom modeling the clothes tomorrow.  Even though I haven’t been able to list new items for the past few days, I’ve been staying up to date with promotion of my stuff on Facebook and Twitter by concentrating on newly Favorite’d items along with ones that have garnered the most Favorite’s, plus renewing listings on Etsy.  I’d hate for people to think I’ve closed shop!  I love designing, sewing and marketing toy breed apparel – and toy breed dogs – too much to think about doing that.  Small dogs rock!

One of my most unique items is a Mock Dress Shirt and Blue tie, which was Favorite’d this morning.

That’s all for now.  Have a great day!


High fashion re…

11 Apr

High fashion reigns at Bloomingtails Dog Duds!  Specializing in feminine styles for female toy breed furbabies and masculine for the males. 

Of the 48 sumer and winter items in my inventory, over half – twenty-nine, to be exact – have had at least one Favorite put on them by admirers!  Each item is made to last.  International and custom toy breed orders (sorry, no costumes) are also welcome.  Check it out, and have a wonderful day!

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11 Apr

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