Hi, everyone! …

8 May

Hi, everyone!  Most often I list a new item on Etsy every day, but Sunday I was busy reshooting some pics, making excellent progress on replacing the photos of the doggie mannequin standing next to the potted tree with pics of those garments placed against my white living room wall.  They turned out beautiful!

Yesterday it was back to business in the sense of listing new items.  As soon as I finish typing this I’ll upload the photo of it.  Did you ever think you’d come across fabric with a print of dogs wearing ten-gallon hats?  You’re about to see some.  The garment is one-piece with the shirt accented with a bandanna, and the pants have double-stitching that looks like the back yoke of a pair of jeans, and two back pockets.  It’s bound to be a conversation piece when other people see your dog wearing it!

Saturday saw what so far has been a record number of Favorites acquired in my Shop in one day: five!  One was a Shop Favorite and the others were the sky blue and navy fleece coat; the blue, golden yellow, mocha and white dress; the crimson plaid blazer,; and the shirt with the South Sea Island print.  Wow!!

Just now I got to thinking how blessed I am to have a top of the line sewing machine, a Janome HD3000.  Before sewing the first listing for my Shop I’d tried another brand, which did not measure up.   I had to take it back to the store – it simply did not work right.  This machine is a workhorse and it’s stitching truly meets this professional seamstresses’ standards.


Be back later.  Have a wonderful day! 


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