I hope you had …

11 May

I hope you had a good day.  For my Shop the last few days have been really exciting, with Favorites pouring in since I posted my present photos.  Yesterday was a record – ten, including eight listing ones and two Shop!!  Today has also been spectacular, with, at last count, six listing Faves and two Shop, and the day isn’t over.  I’m really glad I retook the pics!  It’s hard work, but perseverance pays off.

Now that you’ve “met” my sewing machine, I’ve gotta tell you more about Dominique.  She was born September 17, 1999 in Lake Ariel, Peensylvania, which is in a gorgeous rural area known for its many old stone walls and charming farm buildings.  She may look her age but she certainly doesn’t act it; she’s as agile as a pup and shows no signs of reduced eyesight or hearing. 

One advantage of small dogs is that they can live to their twenties.  I’d hate to pay hundreds of dollars for a pet-quality large breed, only to have to replace it in six or seven years, which I’ve heard is generally true of large-breed dogs such as Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds, which, according to Guinness Book of World Records, is the largest breed.

I grew up with Irish Setters, and I love all dogs – in fact, all animals, and would love to have a peacock and a donkey! – but my fave is toy breed dogs.  They’re so cuddly, and…can you imagine having a Great Dane on one’s lap?

Here’s a photo of my newest listing.


That’s all for now.  Take care!


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