If you watch th…

18 May

If you watch the dog programs on Animal Planet you may have seen shows featuring dogs “getting married” and being ring bearers in people’s weddings.  With that in mind, yesterday evening I listed the first of my exciting line of doggie bridal/formal fashions, a black polyester dupioni tuxedo with a black satin shawl collar and pocket flaps (just like “Doggie Dad’s” tux!) 

Today I’ll sew the bride’s gown.  I’m not telling you what it’ll look like.  Stay tuned!

To complete the line I’ll also offer bridesmaids’/formal gowns and, for the tuxedo wearers, cravat-style ties to match these gowns.

Someone asked me how I can be so prolific with my sewing, listing items on Etsy at least every other day.  Dog clothes are really simple to sew – especially in the case of my non-fleece items, which I line with, most often, the same fabric as the outer shell.  I pin the two layers together, sew them, make a belly band and attach it to the garment, sew the front, and add trim.  I do hem fleece garments with a zig-zag stitch.  Each garment takes no more than two hours to make. 

The fun starts with the design stage, of course.  For each garment I modify a basic saddle-style dog coat pattern to make it look like a little person’s outfit.  They are our “babies”!

Be back soon.  Have a great day, everyone!


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