The design of e…

21 May

The design of each U.S. Inaugural Ball gown is never known until the new First Lady steps onto the dance floor after her husband’s inauguration.  Same was true of Bloomingtails’ dog wedding gown until earlier this evening, when it was listed.  It’s of ivory satin with a bouffant lace overlay, a sash, a lace-covered bow, and a removable bouquet at the front. 

The bouquet features a silk rose and an array of tiny pearls on stems enclosed in a cloche of wide ivory satin ribbon, with four strips of ivory grosgrain ribbon trailing from it.  There’s a charming Victorian aura to it, not surprisingly, since I love anything and everything Victorian, as you’ve seen in some of my other dog dresses. 

This gown can also be worn by canine ring bearers and is perfectly proper for other formal occasions as well.

To change the subject, Favorite’d for the first time today was the cinnamon and foliage print Monkeys in Jungle dog shirt.


I hope you all had a great weekend.  Be back later.


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