Today marked an…

23 May

Today marked another exciting inclusion in an Etsy Treasury – the dog dress with three vertical rows of embroidered lace on the sky blue bodice and big yellow roses on the skirt!  I’ll upload a photo of it, natch.

Today I got ready to sew he first of the two doggie bridesmaids’/formal wear dresses and a matching cravat-style tie, and I took the last of the “inside out” photos of the warm weather garments.  These pics also show the front, which is useful for shoppers in making decisions as to which garments to purchase. 

With this photography project almost completed,  I can almost smell some orders materializing soon!  What I’m looking forward to the most about selling apparel in my Shop isn’t so much the money as the satisfaction of each garment being worn by cute little furbabies.  When it comes to designing them, I don’t think the creative juices will ever stop flowing; I keep getting more and more ideas. 

Have a wonderful day!  Be back soon.   


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