Yesterday I lis…

26 May

Yesterday I listed the first of the two cravat-style ties,  the companion piece to the dog tuxedo and the light aqua Chinese Brocade doggie bridesmaid’s/formal occasion dress, which is made of the same fabric.  Once I finish sewing the custom order I’ll start on the lime green satin bridesmaid’s/formal occasion dress.

Sewing of the custom shirt is progressing well, and I’m having to make sure that the shoulder areas fit as well as the neck and chest , since it would be easy to overlook that area and consequently end up something that’s tight in that area, which would be uncomfortable for the dog.  That’s one reason many Shops including mine ask custom buyers to allow 3-5 days turnaround time before the item is shipped; that way, if something doesn’t seem right the first time, we have time to do it over so we can end up with a satisfied buyer.  As I’ve said before, part of my mission in life is to make people (and their pets) happy.

Here in Florida it’s getting hot, so on account of Dominique’s long, fluffy hair – her tail fur measures eight inches in length – I don’t put clothes on her aside from our brief photo shoots on my lawn when I’m getting ready to list something on Etsy.  Otherwise, her built-in fur coat is enough.

She’s about due for another bath.  After each one, by the time she’s dry she smells like a pink grapefruit – yummy! – because a while back, at WalMart I bought a set of pink grapefruit-scented dog shampoo, spray-on coat detangler (which also works on my long hair) and body spray.  I later found out to my dismay that the manufacturer had discontinued it, which was why it was only $5.00 (at that price I had a feeling something was up).  Once I run low on them, I’ll have to look around for something similar; I love potpourri scent on everything.

Have a great weekend!



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