I hope you and …

28 May

I hope you and your pets are having a wonderful three-day weekend!  If your dogs are like Dominique and you’re barbecuing weenies, they’ll go nuts at the smell.  She sure does!  As for myself, I can’t wait until Tuesday, when the post office will reopen so I can ship the dog shirt and dress to the lady who bought them; they’re ready for shipping.

Holidays are enjoyable for many folks, but I’m not crazy about the inconvenience they create, with closure of post offiices etc.  And the three-day weekend occasionally throws my sense of timing off.  That happened to me this time, so until mid-afternoon today I thought it was Saturday, which caused me to miss my religious gathering.  Was I mad!  Back to normal Tuesday, thankfully.

A while ago I listed the latest addition to my doggie bridal/formal wear line, a lime green satin dress with a bow across the “waist.”  I’ll upload a photo as soon as I’m finished typing this.

Have a glorious weekend, everyone!  Be back soon.


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