My doggie brida…

30 May

My doggie bridal/formal apparel line has been completed with listing of the lime and white striped satin cravat-style tie, which matches the lime satin dress and can be worn with the black polyester dupioni tux (see photo). It was Favorite’d just minutes after I listed it!

Now that those garments are finished I’m returning to Victorian styles for the females.  What’s next is top-secret until I list it.  I’ll say one thing, though – it’ll have the word “Victorian written all over it, so to speak.  I love Victorian clothing styles and interiors; there’s nothing as feminine, in my opinion, as that.  I’m passionate about flowers, too, and my fave is the rose, which is wonderful for Victorian styles.  When you look at my Shop, you can tell I’m partial to it!

From what I’ve heard, people start buying winter clothes in August (when it’;s hot and muggy here in Florida), which will be here before we know it, so I have some fleece and flannel fabric on order from Joann.  It should arrive early this coming week, so aside from sewing custom orders I’ll be wrapping up my summer garment production by mid-June.

That’s all for now.  Have a glorious day, and give your little dogs, if you have any, a big hug from Dominique and me.


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