What the ultra…

1 Jun

What the ultra-Victorian dress looks like is no longer top-secret – it has been listed.  Like Victorian ladies’ clothing, it is verrrry feminine, with a pink and gray floral print bodice and, on the pink skirt, pink and gray lace trim flanking a vertical strip of pink grosgrain ribbon, which also makes up a bow at the back of the bodice (see photo)..  A picture is worth a thousand words, so I don’t quite know why I described it in detail,  Now that I think about it, I was excited about the bridal/formal line, but I must admit, I have the most fun designing and sewing the cotton Victorian clothes with the colored trims, most of which I’ve purchased from an Etsy Seller who also favors Victorian, so I’m excited about being back to making that type of apparel.

I wish I knew why on earth every so often my sewing machine acts up, it’s favorite shenanigan being breakage of thread while I’m sewing.  It seems to do that more with certain thread colors.  For instance, I didn;t have a lick of trouble while making the lime bridal/formal gown and matching cravat, but while sewing the South Sea Island print garments with turquoise thread and the dress I listed today, which called for pink thread, infuriation set in.  Could some pigments weaken the thread and thus make it more susceptible to breakage?  It sure seems that way.  The color I’ve had the worst problem with is dark green.  By the way, I make sure I thread the machine correctly and do likewise with bobbin insertion.  I plan on discussing it with a sewing machine repairman.

It’s hard to believe June is almost here!  Where has the time gone?

Have a great day, everyone!  


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