Those who wish …

5 Jun

Those who wish to order a mock dress shirt and tie for their toy breed dogs now have a choice of color.  Today I listed a lavender shirt with a paisley tie, which is made of stretch cotton (see photo).  The fabric is what I used for the dog dress with two box pleats and matching satin roses.  For owners of toy breed male and female furbabies, each of these would make a nice “his and hers” complement to the other. 

During the last two days, Favorites have appeared in droves!  Eighteen, including two Shop Faves and two for one item, yesterday, and so far 16 (two Shop) today.

I owe part of the surge of interest to my participation in some wonderful Etsy Teams, including a few aimed solely at promoting our items.  One of the Teams is called Petsy, which is devoted to promotion of pet-related items.  Thanks, everyone, for the Favorites!  Even though they aren’t sales, they are an indication of the items’ popularity, so they’re encouraging, and some Favorites could translate into sales.


That’s all for now.  Be back later.  Have a great day!



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