My newest listi…

9 Jun

My newest listing is a Cottage Chic/Victorian-style golden tan cotton dress with the most adorable ribbon trim I’ve laid eyes on in a lonnnng time!  It’s printed with yellow chickies and, on the dress, is framed with thin satin ribbon trim.  A pic will appear when I’m done typing this.

This morning I received an email that made my day.  The lady in Canada who ordered the dress and shirt of the turquoise and stone gray South Sea Island print emailed me to tell me she loves the items!  When I sold handmade dog apparel on eBay in 2002-’03 I got a lot of custom orders, so this wasn’t the first time I had to adjust a pattern to fit a dog, but since I’m using a new pattern, I was on pins and needles while waiting to hear if the garments fit her dog.  From now on I’ll be more relaxed about the whole thing, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be less perfectionistic about the fit and appearance.  After all, my mission in life is to make people (and their pets) happy.

Since threading sewing machine needles, with their tiny “eyes,” can be a pain in the neck, I’ve ordered some topstitching needles, which have bigger “eyes.”  With these special needles, stitching turns out the same as with conventional ones, but they’re sure a lot easier to thread.  I can’t wait until they arrive, which will be in just a few more days since they’re being shipped via Priority Mail, which is also the cheapest.

Day after tomorrow the fleece and flannel fabric I ordered from Joann will arrive.  Considering the frequency of orders for my dog apparel biz, I should own stock in UPS and FedEx, and let’s not forget my fabric suppliers!  Stay tuned for news of resumption of winter apparel listing, which for the time being will alternate with construction andl isting of summer items.

Have a wonderful weekend!


One Response to “My newest listi…”

  1. VLW June 9, 2012 at 7:50 pm #

    Top-stitching needles! What a good idea. I didn’t know there were such things, but you’re right, it would sure help. I’ve got to try that.

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