I hate the thou…

11 Jun

I hate the thought of breaking a promise, and you remember my promise to get back to listing winter apparel in anticipation of the winter clothes shopping season, which will be here before we know it?  The pictured sky blue and white plaid fleece coat is my newest listing.  If you have male and female furbabies and you like to dress them in “his & hers” outfits,” you might also want to see my Pink & White Plaid Fleece Coat with Rose Button and Belt,” which is of the same pattern.  I have several other “his & hers” styles as well: a predominantly red plaid blazer for the males and a matching vestdress for the females, plus a black, red and white gingham shirt and a dress of the same cloth.

Maybe I should’ve waited until today’s mail came to start sewing the fleece coat.  Much to my pleasant surprise, the topstitching needles were in my mailbox!  Even though I requested shipping via Priority mail, I had no idea they’d come today.  I ordered them Friday, and the supplier is in California (my native state, by the way), which is across the country.  Call that lightning speed!

This afternoon I had more trouble with thread breakage while sewing, so I spoke with a sewing machine repairman, who confirmed my suspicion of the El Cheapo thread being the cause, so I’m about to order a decent brand.  He recommended either Gutermann or a brand I’d never heard of, Madeira.


Be back later.  Have a super-duper day!




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