Today marked an…

14 Jun

Today marked an exciting inclusion in another Etsy Treasury: my sky blue fleece dog coat with multicoloured floral trim, which is in the Blue, Yellow Summer Fashions for Kids, Mom, Father, Children, Women Teens.  Curated by an Etsian in Turkey, this Treasury features sixteen beautiful items.

Back to listing cotton for now, a foliage green and white dress in complementary crackle and foliage patterns (see pic).  In my dog apparel designs I favored use of different prints of complementary colors in a garment long before that became, according to a recent article, the current vogue in ladies’ clothes.  I’ve always enjoyed putting colors and prints together.

On the message board of one of the Etsy Teams I belong to, Sew Addicts, I came across a post advising sew-ers to check the tensile strength of a spool of thread by holding a one-foot length of it in your hands and giving it a sharp tug to see if it breaks.  Quite a few of my spools, including recent WalMart purchases, failed the test, and they’re now ensconced in the place where they belong – the garbage.  Between using strong thread and my brand-new topstitching needles, today’s sewing session was a joy, and by the time I was ready to photograph and list the green and white dress, there was a smile on my face, and now I’m smiling again at anticipation of my order of twenty-three spools of Gutermann thread arriving via UPS tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll also be back to sewing fleece for the winter.  For the design and color of the garment, stay tuned.

Have a great day, and give your furbabies, if you have any, a hug and a kiss for Dom and her Pom Mom! 


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