Hi, everyone! …

15 Jun

Hi, everyone!  This morning I counted the number of summer and winter items in my Shop. 
The Summer count greatly outnumbered the winter: fifty-two to twenty!  I;ve laid out fabric and trim for a few more summer garments, and once work on them is completed and they’re listed, that’ll be it for the time being and I’ll devote my time exclusively to construction and listing of winter inventory until the number of each season’s items is about equal, then it’ll be back to alternating winter and summer items.  To think of how many I’d end up with (not counting sales) when an equal number is reached is mind-boggling.  But that’s peanuts compared to the dog apparel inventory another Etsian has: 800 items!

After conducting the “head count” I sewed and listed winter item number 21, a light turquoise, pumpkin, ecru and chocolate plaid coat with a kangaroo pocket on the back and striped ribbon trim.  This is the second item for which I’ve extended a length of ribbon trim for use as a belly band (the other is the golden tan cotton dress with the chicky-printed ribbon trim).  It’s wonderful how the wider trims lend themselves for use as belly bands, onto which I sew a piece of Velocro for fastening.

Minor disappointment set in today when I found out the Gutermann thread won’t be delivered until Moday.  The customer service rep with whom I placed the order misinformed me as to the delivery date, telling me it would be today.  Oh well, just a few more days and I’ll have it.

I’m glad it only takes a couple of minutes to photograph my items, since it’s hot here in Florida, I take my pics outdoors, and sometimes Dommie has to model winter items.  She is so good, and when we get back indoors after a photo shoot, I heap the praise on her.

That’s all for now, my human and canine friends.  Have a great day! 


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