Hi, everyone! …

17 Jun

Hi, everyone!  My winter items now number twenty-two.  A while ago I listed a flannel doggie dress with a lavender bodice and a colorful multicolored skirt and ribbon trim (see photo). 

Of the styles I make, my favorite is juvenile, since many small dog owners including me regard our dogs as being like little people, our “babies.”  That’s what makes being in the dog apparel business so much fun.  I used to make and market semiprecious gemstone jewelry, and I think I’ll stick with dog clothes.  Jewelry didn’t give me the same kind of enjoyment as designing, sewing and marketing clothes for  little furbabies (yes, they are indeed our “babies”!).

Yesterday I had a really exciting experience.  An event planner in San Francisco emailed me to find out if I’d like to donate an item for a charity fundraiser’s silent auction/raffle!  I’m donating a flannel dog dress which has a print with little avocado and sky blue hearts and the words, “I love Mommy, I love Daddy,” on a white background, and a blue satin rose at the “waist.”  I looked up the company, and it’s legit.  What an honor to be chosen among goodness knows how many dog apparel Sellers on Etsy!  She must have seen some of my items in Search; they always show up on the first few pages.  For a while after hopping onto the Etsy bandwagon, like most other Etsy newbies I had a terrible time with tags; perseverance has paid off.

Bye for now.  Have a wonderful weekend, what’s left of it, and give your little furbabies, if you have any, a hug from Dom the Pom and me!




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