Good news for p…

19 Jun

Good news for prospective buyers of my items: I’ve  slashed most of my Canadian and overseas shipping rates.  For shipping an additional item to Canada the cost is now $2.95USD, a reduction of $3.00, and shipping everywhere else outside the U.S. is now $7.95, which is a $9.00  reduction!

During a friend’s visit today, she looked out the window and saw a UPS truck parked outside.  She asked me if I might be getting a package.  Knowing my thread was due to arrive today, I dashed outside, and sure ’nuff – the man in the brown uniform handed me a small box.  It was my Gutermann thread!  Every spool has passed the pull test I told you about a few days ago.  I can’t wait to start using it!

Soon I’ll be adding a few batik duds to my inventory.  My decision to order the fabric originated with my Favorite’ing some lovely flannel fabric shown this morning in my Activity Feed.  A while later I checked my email and discovered that the owner of the Etsy fabric Shop had included me in her Circle, which is intended to allow one’s Favorites to show up.  I’ve seen that Circles and Favorites are also a good means of promoting items, as you can see from my decision to order some of her fabric.  I already have the design of each garment in mind.  That’ll be a secret for now.  Stay tuned.


Signing off for now.  Give your furbabies, if you have any, a hug from Dom the Pom and me, and have a wonderful day!


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