Several excitin…

22 Jun

Several exciting things happened to me today.  First of all, at 5 p.m. I listed a Victorian-style dog dress with a rose-printed bodice and pair of panels on the skirt,, with a cream, rose and leaf green flower print on the underskirt and a pink satin rose at the “waist” (see pic.)  Within the next five hours it garnered seven Favorites!  All told, sixty-eight of my seventy-seven items have at least one Favorite.

What else was exciting?  I curated an Etsy Treasury for the first time, the Kaleidoscope of Kolorful Kreations (Pom Moms Team) Treasury.  It’s a compilation of  dazzingly colorful multicolored creations – a dog collar, a crocheted dog sweater, beads, bags  illustrations, a Caribbean headband, and a pair of vintage salt & pepper shakers – from ten Shops owned by Pomeranian owners and fans.  You’ve gotta see it!  Not counting the time I spent trying to figure out how to copy & paste the photos, which caused me untold frustration, and getting nowhere (a good Samaritan on Etsy’s Site Help Forum ended up advising me to type the listing numbers into the slots, which thankfully turned the tables), it took a surprisingly short time to select the items.  Maybe I should qualify that: the time always goes fast when you’re having fun!

Yesterday I came across an online article about an intriguing drink for pets: Bowser Beer.  The alcohol-free brew was developed by a farmer’s market pretzel vendor, Jenny Brown.  Dog owners purchasing from her lamented at the unavailability of a beverage with which their dogs could wash down pretzels.  She started doing research on the subject and came up with her first product, Beefy Brown Ale, made of a beef-barley mixture.  Next thing we’ll find out about: beer bellies on dogs.

 That’s all for now.  Have a wonderful day!



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