25 Jun

During the last three days it’s been Treasury Time for my Shop.  In addition to curating the
“Kaleidoscope of Kolorful Kreations (Pom Moms Team)” Treasury Friday and the Gulf Coast Crafters’ “A Square Deal” on Saturday, in that three-day period four of my items was included in five Treasuries!  Day before yesterday the Lavender, Pink, Navy and Black Dress was featured in the “Pink and Purple – Two of the Few Colors Pomeranians DON’T Come In” Treasury.  Saturday saw the Multicolored Daisies Dress in the “Let’s Go Outside and Play” Treasury, and the Dark Burgundy and Orange Corduroy Coat in the “Gulf Coast Crafters'” Treasury.  Today there were two inclusions: the Rose Victorian Dress with the Panels and Flower-Printed Underskirt was included in the “Pink” Treasury, and the Multicolored Daisies Dress (again) in the “What’s on Your Mind?” Treasury.  Whew!

Yesterday’s and today’s Favorites have pawsitively exploded, too, with yesterday’s totaling 39 (36 listing and 3 Shop), and today’s was a whopping – I kid you not! – 62, subdivided into 57 listing and 5 Shop! 

The tropical storm hovering over the Gulf has dumped rain here all day, with no letup.  Every time it starts to rain here I wonder if it’ll be one of those short-term storms which, in the South, occur often during the summer, but this one won’t stop until Debby (I think that’s the storm’s name) skedaddles.  The gray sky made for a mediocre photo for today’s listing, and as soon as it clears up I”; take Dom and the dress outside to snap some decent pics.  I can’t wait!

My 6-month-old sewing machine is on the fritz.  For better visualization while threading, I always take the needle out and hold it in a hand,.  Yesterday evening I had sewn part of my new listing when I needed to put a new spool on the machine.  Try as I might, I could not insert the needle into the cylinder!  I called my mechanically minded next-door neighbor over, and after fussing with it for a while she was finally able to put it in.  This afternoon I was again unable to insert the needle.  Despite my neighbor’s and my best efforts, we could not put it in.  I’ll have to take it (sigh) to a repair shop.  As I think of how reputable Janome sewing machines are supposed to be, I shake my head. 


I’ll upload the mediocre pic, then close for now.  Have a wonderful day and give your furbabies, if you have any, a hug from Dom and me!


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