During the past…

30 Jun

During the past few days I’ve been really busy, between sewing a custom Dog Sailor Shirt for a Min Pin owned by a lady in Massachusetts (business is picking up – YAY!) and taking care of miscellaneous stuff including getting a replacement part for my sewing machine so I could finish the order on time (I hate like anything to keep people waiting!).  As usual, because of my perfectionistic nature (in this case, an attribute) I fussed over the measurements and the overall appearance of the garment, including ironing and folding it nicely so that it’s bandbox appearance would hit the buyer in the eye when she takes it out of the shipping envelope.  I know detail-orientedness is common among the Swiss, and I have some Swiss ancestry, so that could have something to do with what, as I said, is an attribute when it comes to my work.

Today I also listed another fleece garment, a one-piece Fall colors print shirt and tan “pants” with a buttoned “waistband” and fake fly (see pic).  To me, part of the fun of designing and making dog apparel is creating styles that resemble those of people’s clothing.  After all, don’t some of us toy breed dog owners (including me) treat our dogs like little people?  Sophisticated and juvenile styles are, I think, just right on them – a feeling shared by friends who suggested when Dominique was a puppy that I.sell dog clothes   It did well on eBay, and since I opened my Etsy Shop it’s gotten enough Favorites to wallpaper a house.  I feel really encouraged by the positive feedback, too.  Thanks to that I’m more relaxed about it than I was at the beginning; starting a business is scary, although not so much when you’ve had prior experience with it.

Dominique isn’t as fluffy in her present photos as she was when she first started modeling my items.  She’s shed her bison-like winter coat.  But in a few more months I’ll be picking what I call Pomeranian Polka Dots, shed in preparation for growth of her winter coat, off my honey-colored wall-to-wall carpet.  Maybe I should talk to my landlord about getting black carpet (fat chance).  I’m grateful he allows dogs!  A lot of them don’t.


Have a great day!  Be back later.


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