Hi, everyone! …

5 Jul

Hi, everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful (and safe) holiday.

Let me tell you, Etsy Treasury curation is downright addictive!  A while ago I put still another Treasury up – the Gulf Coast Crafters Team “Christmas in July” – Country Critters Treasury.  Just now I tried to paste the link to it, but ended up seeing a puzzling message saying I could paste it with Word.  Huh???  I have no idea how to proceed from there, so I gave up.  It should show up in Etsy Search.

Etsy’s Christmas in July sales start on the 12th of this month and last through the 22nd.  I’m getting really excited about it, and I plan on giving a 10% discount for purchase of two or more items.  I’ll put Etsy’s Coupon Code system to use for the first time ever, and thanks to a good Samaritan who read my query on the Site Help Forum as to the timing of setup of a Coupon Code, I’m now the proud possessor of a Christmas in July banner and avatar, which have the words “Christmas in July” added to what’s been there.  She didn’t charge a penny for her work!

Yesterday I listed a pinwale corduroy dress with a fuchsia, avocado, turquoise, mocha and black elephant print on the bodice and a dark brown skirt with a fuchsia applique of the bodice fabric (see pic).  It’s already garnered three Favorites.

Have a great day and give your doddies, if you have any, a hug from Dom the Pom and me!







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