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29 Sep

I’m back with bad news – the attempt I just made to upload four of my photos failed to produce the desired results, so the update unfortunately consists of just the text. Since I don’t want to go through this anymore, whenever pics don’t accompany the text you’ll need to look them up on my Shop pages.

I have complained repeatedly to the WordPress Support desk about this matter, and nothing has been done about it. I’ll keep appealing to them for a solution, and sooner or later things could start working smoothly again. As the old saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Have a great weekend!

29 Sep

What I was just thinking was, “Wow, it seemed like last weekend was just yesterday, and now another weekend has rolled around.” Time sure flies, and it seems to go even faster as you get older.

The howlidays will be here before we know it, so I’m really excited about the coming expansion of my line of canine pawty fashions (small dogs’ only). You’ll find (and maybe order) frilly and simple styles for les girls and dressy coats and ties for the males. . Stay tuned!

Since I’ve had trouble publishing posts at times during the past few months, I’m going to go ahead and publish this and then, God willing, post some “making up for lost time” pics – that is, photos of relatively recent listings I was unable to post due to those maddening intermittent technical difficulties. At least with luck I’ll be able to post this. Better than nothing!

Have a wonderful weekend!

24 Sep

Hi, everyone!  I hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was rather exciting, because I got a letter from a friend I hadn’t heard from for a while, and I booked a shore excursion for the cruise.  My friend and I will ride on a semi-submersible sub, which travels five feet underwater to give travelers a good view of marine life.  We can’t wait until November 12!

I wasn’t able to post until now due to technical difficulties involving failure of the text to appear and the photo to upload.  That’s has been so frustrating at times, especially because yesterday I saw something on an Etsy Forum about the value of a blog for advertising.  Right nowI’m holding my breath that this and my downsized photo will appear (I’m also using a different browser for this post, which I tried using for this before without success – uggh!).

I’ve listed my 92nd  item, a fleece coat with a fish and bears in water print.  Verrry masculine!  Here’s the pic:


“Snow White” Toy Breed Dog Dress

12 Sep

12 Sep

Hi, everyone! It’s sure good to be back! I’ve tried posting since July but was unable to due to technical difficulties, which I fervently hope won’t occur this time.

I’ve made some sales (yay!) and added more cotton and winter items, with a total inventory of 91. I’m not adding as often as I did for a while since I’m keeping my inventory relatively small so people won’t tire of viewing bazillion pages, such as those of another Etsy dog apparel Shop, which has around 800 items. To each his own, but I personally don’t have the patience or attention span to look at that many pages.

I’ve made other exciting changes as well. First of all, I’ve started offering occupation-related costumes (nurses’, police, chefs’,, judges’, ranchers’, etc.). They’ll be the “ticket” not only for the end of October but also for dogs owned by uniform wearers for use year-round. What motivated me to offer them was getting custom orders for a Western Shirt and Stonewashed Jeans and, for a dog owned by a judge, a “Judge Judy” robe.

Custom orders are my specialty, partly because I enjoy the challenge of custom orders, which call for exact measurements, and also because my motto is, “My great est satisfaction is a satisfied customer,” which means I’m also offering optional D-rings sewn on for leash attachment and open necks with Velcro. Since you can’t please everyone, I prefer not doing everything a certain way, and whenever I buy clothes for my dog I avoid garments with D-rings, so I’ll bend over backwards to cater to people with different preferences.

Yesterday I posted my newest listing, a white poly/cotton dress with a wide band of embroidered white satin trim edged with lace. Soooo feminine, as the pic show

On a personal level, I’ve made some exciting travel plans: a Bahamas cruise with a dear friend.  We’ll be gone November 12-17, and our itinerary will include Half Moon Cay, Grand Turks Island and Nassau.  We can’t wait!!