Hi, everyone! …

5 Jul

Hi, everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful (and safe) holiday.

Let me tell you, Etsy Treasury curation is downright addictive!  A while ago I put still another Treasury up – the Gulf Coast Crafters Team “Christmas in July” – Country Critters Treasury.  Just now I tried to paste the link to it, but ended up seeing a puzzling message saying I could paste it with Word.  Huh???  I have no idea how to proceed from there, so I gave up.  It should show up in Etsy Search.

Etsy’s Christmas in July sales start on the 12th of this month and last through the 22nd.  I’m getting really excited about it, and I plan on giving a 10% discount for purchase of two or more items.  I’ll put Etsy’s Coupon Code system to use for the first time ever, and thanks to a good Samaritan who read my query on the Site Help Forum as to the timing of setup of a Coupon Code, I’m now the proud possessor of a Christmas in July banner and avatar, which have the words “Christmas in July” added to what’s been there.  She didn’t charge a penny for her work!

Yesterday I listed a pinwale corduroy dress with a fuchsia, avocado, turquoise, mocha and black elephant print on the bodice and a dark brown skirt with a fuchsia applique of the bodice fabric (see pic).  It’s already garnered three Favorites.

Have a great day and give your doddies, if you have any, a hug from Dom the Pom and me!







During the past…

30 Jun

During the past few days I’ve been really busy, between sewing a custom Dog Sailor Shirt for a Min Pin owned by a lady in Massachusetts (business is picking up – YAY!) and taking care of miscellaneous stuff including getting a replacement part for my sewing machine so I could finish the order on time (I hate like anything to keep people waiting!).  As usual, because of my perfectionistic nature (in this case, an attribute) I fussed over the measurements and the overall appearance of the garment, including ironing and folding it nicely so that it’s bandbox appearance would hit the buyer in the eye when she takes it out of the shipping envelope.  I know detail-orientedness is common among the Swiss, and I have some Swiss ancestry, so that could have something to do with what, as I said, is an attribute when it comes to my work.

Today I also listed another fleece garment, a one-piece Fall colors print shirt and tan “pants” with a buttoned “waistband” and fake fly (see pic).  To me, part of the fun of designing and making dog apparel is creating styles that resemble those of people’s clothing.  After all, don’t some of us toy breed dog owners (including me) treat our dogs like little people?  Sophisticated and juvenile styles are, I think, just right on them – a feeling shared by friends who suggested when Dominique was a puppy that I.sell dog clothes   It did well on eBay, and since I opened my Etsy Shop it’s gotten enough Favorites to wallpaper a house.  I feel really encouraged by the positive feedback, too.  Thanks to that I’m more relaxed about it than I was at the beginning; starting a business is scary, although not so much when you’ve had prior experience with it.

Dominique isn’t as fluffy in her present photos as she was when she first started modeling my items.  She’s shed her bison-like winter coat.  But in a few more months I’ll be picking what I call Pomeranian Polka Dots, shed in preparation for growth of her winter coat, off my honey-colored wall-to-wall carpet.  Maybe I should talk to my landlord about getting black carpet (fat chance).  I’m grateful he allows dogs!  A lot of them don’t.


Have a great day!  Be back later.


Several excitin…

22 Jun

Several exciting things happened to me today.  First of all, at 5 p.m. I listed a Victorian-style dog dress with a rose-printed bodice and pair of panels on the skirt,, with a cream, rose and leaf green flower print on the underskirt and a pink satin rose at the “waist” (see pic.)  Within the next five hours it garnered seven Favorites!  All told, sixty-eight of my seventy-seven items have at least one Favorite.

What else was exciting?  I curated an Etsy Treasury for the first time, the Kaleidoscope of Kolorful Kreations (Pom Moms Team) Treasury.  It’s a compilation of  dazzingly colorful multicolored creations – a dog collar, a crocheted dog sweater, beads, bags  illustrations, a Caribbean headband, and a pair of vintage salt & pepper shakers – from ten Shops owned by Pomeranian owners and fans.  You’ve gotta see it!  Not counting the time I spent trying to figure out how to copy & paste the photos, which caused me untold frustration, and getting nowhere (a good Samaritan on Etsy’s Site Help Forum ended up advising me to type the listing numbers into the slots, which thankfully turned the tables), it took a surprisingly short time to select the items.  Maybe I should qualify that: the time always goes fast when you’re having fun!

Yesterday I came across an online article about an intriguing drink for pets: Bowser Beer.  The alcohol-free brew was developed by a farmer’s market pretzel vendor, Jenny Brown.  Dog owners purchasing from her lamented at the unavailability of a beverage with which their dogs could wash down pretzels.  She started doing research on the subject and came up with her first product, Beefy Brown Ale, made of a beef-barley mixture.  Next thing we’ll find out about: beer bellies on dogs.

 That’s all for now.  Have a wonderful day!



Good news for p…

19 Jun

Good news for prospective buyers of my items: I’ve  slashed most of my Canadian and overseas shipping rates.  For shipping an additional item to Canada the cost is now $2.95USD, a reduction of $3.00, and shipping everywhere else outside the U.S. is now $7.95, which is a $9.00  reduction!

During a friend’s visit today, she looked out the window and saw a UPS truck parked outside.  She asked me if I might be getting a package.  Knowing my thread was due to arrive today, I dashed outside, and sure ’nuff – the man in the brown uniform handed me a small box.  It was my Gutermann thread!  Every spool has passed the pull test I told you about a few days ago.  I can’t wait to start using it!

Soon I’ll be adding a few batik duds to my inventory.  My decision to order the fabric originated with my Favorite’ing some lovely flannel fabric shown this morning in my Activity Feed.  A while later I checked my email and discovered that the owner of the Etsy fabric Shop had included me in her Circle, which is intended to allow one’s Favorites to show up.  I’ve seen that Circles and Favorites are also a good means of promoting items, as you can see from my decision to order some of her fabric.  I already have the design of each garment in mind.  That’ll be a secret for now.  Stay tuned.


Signing off for now.  Give your furbabies, if you have any, a hug from Dom the Pom and me, and have a wonderful day!


Hi, everyone! …

17 Jun

Hi, everyone!  My winter items now number twenty-two.  A while ago I listed a flannel doggie dress with a lavender bodice and a colorful multicolored skirt and ribbon trim (see photo). 

Of the styles I make, my favorite is juvenile, since many small dog owners including me regard our dogs as being like little people, our “babies.”  That’s what makes being in the dog apparel business so much fun.  I used to make and market semiprecious gemstone jewelry, and I think I’ll stick with dog clothes.  Jewelry didn’t give me the same kind of enjoyment as designing, sewing and marketing clothes for  little furbabies (yes, they are indeed our “babies”!).

Yesterday I had a really exciting experience.  An event planner in San Francisco emailed me to find out if I’d like to donate an item for a charity fundraiser’s silent auction/raffle!  I’m donating a flannel dog dress which has a print with little avocado and sky blue hearts and the words, “I love Mommy, I love Daddy,” on a white background, and a blue satin rose at the “waist.”  I looked up the company, and it’s legit.  What an honor to be chosen among goodness knows how many dog apparel Sellers on Etsy!  She must have seen some of my items in Search; they always show up on the first few pages.  For a while after hopping onto the Etsy bandwagon, like most other Etsy newbies I had a terrible time with tags; perseverance has paid off.

Bye for now.  Have a wonderful weekend, what’s left of it, and give your little furbabies, if you have any, a hug from Dom the Pom and me!




Hi, everyone! …

15 Jun

Hi, everyone!  This morning I counted the number of summer and winter items in my Shop. 
The Summer count greatly outnumbered the winter: fifty-two to twenty!  I;ve laid out fabric and trim for a few more summer garments, and once work on them is completed and they’re listed, that’ll be it for the time being and I’ll devote my time exclusively to construction and listing of winter inventory until the number of each season’s items is about equal, then it’ll be back to alternating winter and summer items.  To think of how many I’d end up with (not counting sales) when an equal number is reached is mind-boggling.  But that’s peanuts compared to the dog apparel inventory another Etsian has: 800 items!

After conducting the “head count” I sewed and listed winter item number 21, a light turquoise, pumpkin, ecru and chocolate plaid coat with a kangaroo pocket on the back and striped ribbon trim.  This is the second item for which I’ve extended a length of ribbon trim for use as a belly band (the other is the golden tan cotton dress with the chicky-printed ribbon trim).  It’s wonderful how the wider trims lend themselves for use as belly bands, onto which I sew a piece of Velocro for fastening.

Minor disappointment set in today when I found out the Gutermann thread won’t be delivered until Moday.  The customer service rep with whom I placed the order misinformed me as to the delivery date, telling me it would be today.  Oh well, just a few more days and I’ll have it.

I’m glad it only takes a couple of minutes to photograph my items, since it’s hot here in Florida, I take my pics outdoors, and sometimes Dommie has to model winter items.  She is so good, and when we get back indoors after a photo shoot, I heap the praise on her.

That’s all for now, my human and canine friends.  Have a great day! 


Today marked an…

14 Jun

Today marked an exciting inclusion in another Etsy Treasury: my sky blue fleece dog coat with multicoloured floral trim, which is in the Blue, Yellow Summer Fashions for Kids, Mom, Father, Children, Women Teens.  Curated by an Etsian in Turkey, this Treasury features sixteen beautiful items.

Back to listing cotton for now, a foliage green and white dress in complementary crackle and foliage patterns (see pic).  In my dog apparel designs I favored use of different prints of complementary colors in a garment long before that became, according to a recent article, the current vogue in ladies’ clothes.  I’ve always enjoyed putting colors and prints together.

On the message board of one of the Etsy Teams I belong to, Sew Addicts, I came across a post advising sew-ers to check the tensile strength of a spool of thread by holding a one-foot length of it in your hands and giving it a sharp tug to see if it breaks.  Quite a few of my spools, including recent WalMart purchases, failed the test, and they’re now ensconced in the place where they belong – the garbage.  Between using strong thread and my brand-new topstitching needles, today’s sewing session was a joy, and by the time I was ready to photograph and list the green and white dress, there was a smile on my face, and now I’m smiling again at anticipation of my order of twenty-three spools of Gutermann thread arriving via UPS tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll also be back to sewing fleece for the winter.  For the design and color of the garment, stay tuned.

Have a great day, and give your furbabies, if you have any, a hug and a kiss for Dom and her Pom Mom!